Imagination… creativity!

Some days ago I discovered myself destroying my imagination and supporting my old thought models. I tell you, I was watching The Simpson, this lovely and creative cartoons series. It was the chapter when the family participated in a reality without audience. To solve this situation, Production Company decided moving the house to a river. They did it in the middle of the night. A helicopter took the house on the top and translated it by the air until its new place.

And now I confess tu you what I thought: that cannot be like that! Structure is built to support compression forces, like gravity and not to have traction forces. In that moment I realized that I did not share this imagination and I said myself “that is not possible!”.

My friends, how many times someone said you “you cannot do that”, “that is not the way”, “not like that”, “like me, like I show you” and many similar expressions? When we were children our imagination was intact. If we put attention on kids, we will see their original ideas. Sometimes they are interesting and extraordinary ones. They have some reactions that we would never think. My favorite example is a draw by Héctor. He is my friend Rafa’s son. He drew Superman and wrote its body’s parts. The special question was on the back of the sheet, where he had drawn the cape!

Along our upbringing and education people showed us what the “good” way was. If you went out, you were doing things “wrongly”. We started school as only human beings and we finished it like copies. Fortunately, nowadays some professors and psychologists speak about new education ways. Also, they appreciate creativity. Actually, creativity is really necessary in every aspect of life. We understand for creativity acting, thinking, designing, building or projecting something different thing with a utility, with valor.

What is your matter? What activities do you like doing? When you do them, do you always act in the same way? Do you imagine different options? And later imagining, to you practice some of them? We must consider every idea, without censorships, ever if they are crazy. Later we will study which of them are really valuables.

When I studied Architecture we learned to project with an interesting method: we had a white piece of paper and we designed a building or another project. Teachers didn’t explain us anything before working. We learned project projecting. At the moment, we tried every hypothetic solution, even thought the crazier ones! Lots of them only staid like ideas, like attempts, tests, but, sometimes… a strange idea brought us to a way of space or constructive solution.

Along our careers having habits is easy. Because of laws, normative and customs we can have always the same solutions, projecting always the same spaces. I bat to myself to stay fresh. I tray imagine and looking for new solutions. Do you do it too? Let’s tray. We are being more creative from today. Came on!

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  1. Hello!
    I received an e-mail from a friend of mine two weeks ago. He had decided to establish this current year (2012) as “the year for Creativity” and sent me a diary to write the “creative ideas” on it.
    I’m pleasantly surprised by the coincidence: you are asking for more freedom in creativity and less rules and prohibitions.
    I agree with you.


    1. Hi Laura!
      A diary to write “creative ideas”… it sounds very well!! If you use it, with some practice, you can thinking and acting almost without limits!!
      And it is an expansive attitud: don’t put barriers and people by you will not do.


  2. My brother recommended I might like this website.

    He was entirely right. This post truly made my day.
    You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

    1. Halo Daniel!!
      I am so pleased, so!
      Use your imagination. You are a creative person and you can develope it.

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    1. Thank you for your comment… we can always use the creativity 😉
      I like this idea for the wedding poetry. Thanks for sharing.

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