Al Koot Cafe

Al KootOnce again in Souq Waqif. For me, the best place in Doha and perhaps one of my favorites in the world.

Today I came alone, as so often. I enjoy walking. I am captivated by the aromas and feel the energy of the place. Withstands the weather becomes already a challenge, but worth coming here. I watch the parade of people, this is a rich contrast. I evade myself among the murmur of multiple conversations and reach my favorite terrace. Al Koot Café.

Here it’s prepared -for me- the best lemon mint.

The waiters are friendly. They know me, say hello and smile. Sometimes they say a few words in Spanish and I accompanied my juice with a shisha. As usual, it is flavored with mint.

I am not alone, my words join me and I liberate them through the lines of this notebook, which always comes with me.

Fans soft the feeling of hot and spray tiny drops of water to relieve the sultriness offered by this climate.

I’m still smoking and my view is recreated in the landscape. Irregular yellowish stucco facades cut the skyline. The majestic moon hangs overhead and provides magic to the night.

I come back to myself. Come back to the one I was when I arrived to this city. To the one I have been the past few troubled months. And I leave again myself, breathing.

I feel peaceful, lucky to be here, grateful for the sense of peace and I enjoy the moment.

I do not think about the future. I forget the past and enjoy my lemon mint, my shisha and the simple moment, sitting right here. Al Koot Café.

Doha, May 29th, 2014


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