Love Story

PaisajeOnce upon a time, many years ago, a courteous gentleman lived in a faraway kingdom. He was a young man with a noble heart. One day our knight was walking in the forest. Suddenly he saw a clearing among the trees. It caught his attention. He stopped, sat there and a deep sense of peace pervaded his soul. Something special had that site that made him feel in harmony. The air was cool. The sun caressing his skin and from there he could hear the sound of a creek passing not far away. The colors of the vegetation fed his spirit. And he knew that over there he felt good. Or rather, he felt it.

He called me a few days later. He wanted to build a house, but to do it without a project. In that place it was not allowed to build, because the proprietor was the monarch and that meant what we now call undeveloped land.

There were good architects in the region. Many of them were better than me. Also, there were engineers and interior designers. But he chose me. I suspect he was not looking me because of my expertise as a technical or my ability with the design. He wanted someone to accompany him in the difficult moments, a helping hand. He wanted a person able of putting some band aids on his soul if necessary.

Do you want a house without a project? I thought our guy was crazy. We cannot do that, and I explained and I argued with endless reasons. In fact he said “we’re going to build the foundation. Forget about the house”.

Slightly incredulous, I designed a structural base. It was a flexible one because we did not know how the space would be later. We didn’t even know if there would be a later one. We could not build on that site, any time they could force him to leave a place in the forest that was not his. But by then he was already completely in love.

He built the foundation with his own hands. Enjoying every moment he spent there. He was lucky and was not forced to stop to build, so he called me to design and calculate the structure. At that time I had already understood him and I didn’t think to change his mind. Once we had built the structure, he got from the life a new chance with the place that he was in love with.

Then we created the façades and partitions. His family and friends tried to dissuade him. Why do you spend money, energy and time in a house that has no future? That land is not yours and one day you will be forced you to leave it. They didn’t see the shine in his eyes every single day he was passing. That time was not an investment but a way of life, a way to be happy in the present.

His parents had a plot and tried to change his mind. If you build here, my son, in the future, at the end, you will have a house.

Our gentleman was so young and did not think about any “the end.” He felt so happy so he went ahead. But he did it without any project. He just built a new stage every time he had the chance.

Not many people perceived the brightness of his soul in every brick standing. He didn’t take the motivation from the dream, from the image of a finished place. The idea that one day he could be forced to leave the place did not make him stop.

I don’t know what happened to him. I left to another kingdom before the end of his house. I said him goodbye with a hug, praying to God that a miracle happened and could buy that piece of land or to make some kind of concession from the king. Nevertheless he was happy. He lived every moment, without thinking about the future. He enjoyed the present, each moment lived in this magical place was a gift.

What do you use to do? Do you live the moment? Do you think about the future? Do you feel a good balance in your life between the enjoyment from the present and the way to your future projects?

I hope the gentleman finished well his story. Inshalla!


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