Expanding the comfort area

PatioEight months ago I came to this land and I feel I’ve been beating what my comfort zone was.

In the office I picked up a project I worked on for months. I remember I did the job hard. Fortunately, I had my companions always willing to help. And sometimes I felt embarrassed so often because I need to be helped by people fresh out of college.

The fact is that after a while working with other buildings, I’m back to it and I appreciated my professional growth. I mean basics, but when I brought not put in series, so that I looked hard and I used to drown in a glass of water.

Moreover, my English has improved. Not as much as I should, but I uploaded many steps. And I’m going to become better because I hardly ever speak Spanish . I have moved and now live with three housemates who have English as their mother language (they are from Australia, America and England). So we started off (finally) with the language.

My life in the city has become more comfortable. I begin to feel that this is my site. I begin to have the same vibration as this place. I move with ease, driving without thinking, I know the places. I remember how uncomfortable certain situations that I now go unnoticed. I think I tuned in Doha. I must say, I have made it easy. Here we are all welcome. It is a country where less than twenty percent of its residents are native. The rest come out and greet us so friendly. It is a Muslim country, but all cultures are welcome and there is mutual and exemplary respect.

My coworkers and my friends- who are the same- start to be there “forever.” You know that feeling that the people next to you are your lifelong friends … yeah, whatever how long you know them? That is how I feel. And what happens is that I feel so comfortable when I’m with them, I am myself. And when you are yourself, you flow and bring out the best in you. And feel happy.

So I’ve realized that my comfort zone has expanded. Issues before scared me now I seem natural. Others that made me feel uncomfortable, are part of my daily life.

And I’ve learned that I will not relax at all. I want to keep growing. Maybe now I need some time to explore this new area and lay my growth. But I will never stop.

Tell me, what areas are you growing in now? How often do you leave your territory, which makes you feel comfortable / a?

Check out the story of your life. When did you grow more? What feelings, what experiences did you expand your space?

Are we continuing to grow up?


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