Pleased to dream you

DaliSometimes we can develop a project even if we know that it will never be built. Imagine you have a great idea and you start drawing. As you progress, you feel seduced and you fall in love with it. You start playing and it arrives some time when you think that it should be built … it’s an idea too good to remain on paper!

You study the situation and realize that may not be possible because it takes much money to build it and no one is willing to invest in it or for several reasons. Maybe the plot has an environment protection. Or it may be an idea too great to be carried out .

But you’re concern with the project and want to continue designing, testing, falling in love with it. Sure there will be someone around you to tell you’re wasting your time. You have no concept of reality and the energy you invest in these drawings is worthless because there are other deliverables projects (able to be built) and not this you are dedicating your work.

Okay, at this point you like your idea and you know you will never carry it out. But you have thought about surprising spaces, perfect materials, the colors, the circulations. You know there is no future and realize that taking time and work to this design is like a dream. You enjoy it, you taste it, but one day you will wake up. And you decide to focus on the present, which is to continue designing and spend pretty time with your (not able to built) ideas.

Have you ever being dreaming and you knew that you were doing it? I have. It has happened several times and I managed the dream. I have flown and have found wonderful landscapes I guess my subconscious built. Much nicer than I could have imagined being awake. And the feeling was real. Completely real.

It is the same with this project you have in hand. You know that one day you will wake up. That will end all … halas! (It means “finished” in Arabic). So you concentrate on your present, in the lines you draw, in the spaces that you set, at the play between the materials. And this makes you feel good.

What happens next?

It comes one day when you wake up. The dream ends and the project cannot be built. I get sad. Maybe you cry a little. And at the same time, you smile because you spent pleasant moments designing these spaces. The feelings that you’ve lived and experienced were real. While you were dreaming, welfare produced you and love you felt for the project were real. Still with moist eyes, give thanks for having this dream. And wide awake, you welcome to whatever project is coming. And you know you will never be the same person after designing this space. You will always remember it.

Then you realize that it’s not halas! But pleased to dream you. And give thanks to life, to God or to the Universe for it.

Have you lived many dreams? Have you spent time on a project, knowing that no future? Do you think you have to enjoy every moment knowing that it will end? I have decided to enjoy all the good things life offers me, either a dream or real. Do you?

2 comentarios

  1. Dreaming life or living a dream? Aren’t we actually talking about the same thing? Because when you live your dream, you must have dreamt of it before. And so living your life with certain emotions and ambitions, means having dreamt before. CONCLUSION: dream and live, live and dream. But as Geles says, enjoy them both!

    1. I totally agree, Vincent. And let´s enjoy!


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