Different styles together

5719858304_cca514045eI’ve been here for six months and I have worked with buildings designed with what we call “Qatari style”. With a special Arabic aesthetics, some construction techniques based on tradition and customs of the place and a way to organize itself in Middle East. And I wonder, could we mix styles?

I remember an artistic architectural style that was characterized by mixing elements from different periods of history and different styles, the Eclecticism. Some buildings projected Western architects choosing what they considered the “best” of every time or everywhere. Actually, eclectic means chosen.

With globalization it seems that boundaries blur and that there are not many cultural differences between areas. But there are. It’s said by one European who lives in Middle East. We enrich, it helps us to learn, to grow, to change our point of view … in short, they are positive. But even, there are differences.

Could we design a building of choices of each style? In terms of form, aesthetics, appearance. And could we select construction techniques, structural, etc. that best worked? So, how to project, to organize and build the work? It would be a good mix, right? I think it can. Moreover, I am sure there are many examples.

The hard part comes now, can we mix people? I have friendship with Arab and Muslim exceptional people. They are more than good. I have no doubt. So, we can mix friends.

The question is, can a mixed couple work well? For many years I thought so. Imagine a relationship where one person is Arabic and its religion is based on the Quran. And the other person is Western. For example, from Europe. I will not say that he or she is a Christian because the hallmark of most of us is the culture, not religion. I have always been convinced that yes. And it was not a simple thought, it’s based on a deeply personal experience.

Now I’m living in the Arabian Peninsula, with European and Arab friends. And I use to deal with mixed couples. I guess, is this cultural difference a inevitably condemns the relationship to fail? And I think not. I remember that with love, tolerance and respect they can overcome difficulties, build bridges and end up having a rich relationship. And you can even establish a multicultural family.

Other times I think that the issue is very delicate. That understanding is energy intensive and there really significant differences.

When I see mixed couples, they cause me a feeling of tenderness, admiration and sadness. The sadness is because I know they need to overcome barriers to maintain a cordial and successful relationship.

In short, I believe that it is possible that a relationship between a Muslim and a European one success. But if I’m honest … I am not sure. What do you think? If you respond or answer, do it without prejudice. Try to be objective and have a tolerant tone. So what do you think?


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