Bright or brindless??

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few months ago I bought a plant and put it in my bathroom. A Galatea, which is one of my favorite ones. Gradually their leaves have been getting sad and falling. I think it’s the heat. I’ve taken to the living room where the air conditioning is on almost all day. I think it has begun to rise again.

The one that I bought in Spain before coming was not so lucky. I took it the home that my parents have in the country. I asked the girl for a strong plant to resist the cold of the highlands and could stay several weeks without being watered, because sometimes my parents spend time without going to town. It died because of cold.

Plants that can not resist extreme conditions extremes in temperature… And people who are able to adapt to any situation. In fact I am living in a desert. The air we breathe comes directly from the machines that cool. And about oxygen, I am not sure where from. I do not think from the four or five trees that we have in this city. Otherwise, we are almost all the time in thermal comfort conditions. Closed buildings, air-conditioning in houses, air conditioning car … The same happens in reverse in geographic areas where it is the cold that threat.

Human beings are able to live anywhere in the world, however they are arid or icy conditions. And architects learn, think and devise ways to shelter from inclement weather. Not only for shelter, but to be comfortable and at ease in them.

And tell me, is the human being amazing by the ability to design and implement living spaces regardless of what happens outside? Or we are mad and we are creating atrocities? Do we think about ecology, sustainability … about the logic? Would it make more sense that we all lived in latitudes where weather is not so exaggerated?

I honestly do not know the answer. I’ve always liked studying interior construction systems to isolate, to protect them. Not so much, but I have studied also the facilities.

We can turn off night and turn on day. Modify the humidity of a room and create a ski area in the desert, as our neighbor Dubai did. My feeling about this is twofold: I’m surprised, amazed by what technology and construction are able to create. And, at the same time, I am sad and desolate because we are contradicting the laws of Nature. This cannot be good.

For thousands and thousands and thousands of years men and women have developed their life during the day and stayed overnight. I do not think it possible that in a few generations we adapt to do otherwise, or steal hours to our break.

Will we get to create unbelievable and unimaginable buildings and facilities or will we be victims of all this artifice? Because it is also true that there are new illness, allergies, intolerances …  Does this have any relationship with the estrangement from Nature?

You know that since I’m here I talk a lot about God. Does God want that we respect geographical areas and climates or did he give us a brain to overcome them?

What do you think?


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