Soul’s home

LunaThroughout my life I have had the opportunity to meet many people guided by a firm belief in their religion. At times I felt lost and I had some jealousy for them. It was only in recent years when I developed my spirituality

Now that I live in a Muslim country, now that I interact closely with people walking through life according to the precepts of Islam, I realize that they live differently.

Religion is not one facet of their lives… it’s the central branch from which all the others develop. They have no doubt. They believe in God and are happy.

I’ve restarted yoga classes. I like them, but here they are different. We do exercises, practice asana and connect with our body. But we don’t look for a spiritual dimension as it was in Europe. Here that is covered. The last years in Valencia I practiced yoga, attended to meditation sessions and enjoyed several retreats in nature. I had the opportunity to meet people who, somehow, were looking for meaning in their lives and others who had found it and became a sort of guide for those seekers.

Unfortunately, too many people that I met were lost. Well, nobody here is in that situation. If I look to the West from this site I can see a strong spiritual crisis, a void that has been installed in the lives of many people.

I have friends who think faith is linked to a low cultural and intellectual level. And that’s not what I’ve found in the Middle East (or what I had seen in many Catholics). I’m surrounded by technical, scientific spirit minds that know that God is the beginning and the end of everything and I marvel at the strong belief they have.

I’ve seen them happy after prayer. I’ve noticed that enjoy life, because God wills it. Even knowing that another life waits for them, an eternal one, they value and appreciate what happens in it. And their movements are guided by a value system very similar to mine. They offer love and generosity, as their sacred texts claim.

They ask and thank God as I do to the Universe. They have very clear what is the road and face the difficulties with complete acceptance, because nothing happens without Allah wanted it.

Their souls are always at home. What about yours? Is it at place or goes missing? Has it traveled wandering, as it did at times mine? And most importantly, are you happy as well?


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