Architecture and Lavish

majlisI came to this land nearly five months ago. Time has passed quickly and I’ve had the opportunity to meet interesting people and find ways and places.

It seems that what this country’s best-known is the good economy and luxuries enjoyed by those living with the Qataris. And it’s true. They enjoy many privileges and the locals have a high purchasing power. Some of them, very high. This results in the standard of living they have. The cars they drive are opulent and the houses they build, really lavish.

The exteriors of homes, in many cases are simple and austere. The deployment of resources reserved for inside. This is related to their culture. Muslims are people “indoor”, make life in the house, which is his kingdom and enjoy family and friends, but preferably intimately.

The villas, the homes of the Qataris, are very large. They consist of several floors and numerous rooms. They usually live in them with many members of the family. If, for example, one of the children gets married, it is customary to stay and live with his wife in one of the floors of the house.

These properties, as well as other less luxurious inhabited by Westerners, have bedrooms for people who work at home. Here is customary to have a maid at home. In many cases, a Philippines woman. They look after children, clean and cook.

In the plots of the villas, in addition to housing and other facilities, they built a majlis. It is an independent space where men gather. They talk, eat and smoke shisha. When there is a celebration, like a wedding, they remain in the Majlis and women, in houses.

These spaces are completely autonomous. They usually have rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and even guest room. I have not been in any, but I hope to have the opportunity someday, Inch’Allah (as they say here). I have seen projects and I was particularly impressed about one of them by the magnificence. It was composed of ground floor and basement. Nearly twelve hundred square meters in total! Several rooms, kitchens and even a theater! I suppose it’s true what a native told to us: Qataris adolescents don’t need to go out to clubs because they already have at home and they just need to call their friends to meet and dance.

My concept of “big house” and “small house” has changed since I live here. I look forward to learn more, see, explore, discover. I would like to meet Qatari girls. I would like to know how they live, how they think, what  their concerns are…

And, when I will know, continue to expose, through new posts, whatever I discover. I cannot imagine what must have been born in a culture where women are protected to levels-for us-unsuspected. Black colour covers their bodies to protect from glances and lustful thoughts. I don’t know how it would have been a teenager without interacting with boys, or have done it in the distance. Here it is not permissible to go out with boys, being a couple without being blessed by previous marriage. People don’t talk about sex. They don’t drink alcohol.

Moreover, I don’t imagine what would live in abundance, having access to all that money can buy. Many Qataris study in the best universities in Europe or America and have easier access to a good job or start their own business. Other, perhaps less interest in training, have entered administration jobs.

I find it hard to imagine a life. I think for a western like me, the most surprising is the distance between men and women. Now I’m getting used to, but at first I found it weird to say goodbye to my friends (Muslims) without giving two kisses. I cannot imagine life without hugs from Spain friends. Even, my cousins.

So I wish to make new Qatari friends. To find out how they are and how their lives have passed. For now, I know what their houses. At least, through the projects I see.

I will continue to explaining you.

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  1. These are in fact wonderful ideas in on the topic of blogging.
    You have touched some fastidious factors here. Any way keep up wrinting.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Actually, I tray to touch differnt questions. Ones are better than others 🙂


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